Zero Prior Knowledge Will Not Stop You From Reinforcing Your Career With Data Science!

Data Science has the ability to single-handedly drive businesses towards success with proper application. Therefore, it is no surprise today that businesses opt for data-driven results to derive optimal business goals. According to reports by Statista the global Data Science market is estimated to grow to a whopping 103 billion US dollars by the year 2027. This upsurge has led to the increase in demand for professionals having deep knowledge and the required skill set in this domain.

Companies have come to realize the vast scope Data Analysts have in amplifying their value in the market. Hence it has become common for professionals from various other career streams to transition into roles of Data Scientists. The future is here and this is your golden opportunity to remain an important asset to any company by becoming a professional Data Scientist.  

One such professional who opted for Jigsaw’s Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science for upskilling is Sachin TC a Data Scientist at Talking about what this program entails, Sachin explained how it is a great program to start one’s Data Science career with.

“I personally benefited a lot from this program as it helped me transition from the insurance/risk management sector to the domain of Data Science”

Sachin TC , Data Scientist,

He further goes on to elaborate on how the  9-month program will prepare anyone to shift from any professional vertical into the Data Science domain just like he did. Explaining further about the faculty, he states that they were of great help in terms of guidance and support. All in all, he believes his experience with this program was a fruitful and beneficial one. To read what Sachin had to say about our course in detail, click here

Data has radically changed the business flow of companies globally. To stay in the loop with these changes it is imperative that professionals are well equipped with the knowledge of Data Science. Being someone who was new to this field, Sureya described that by the end of the course she was confident and well sound about all the tools associated with Data Science.

“Being a fresher I was quite worried at the beginning as these topics were all new to me. But the faculty here are amazing, they teach everything from scratch.”

Sureya Subramanian ,AI Intern, Federal Artificial Intelligence Services

While talking about the faculty she praised them for their quick response and support which has made her work a lot easier. Read here in detail what Sureya had to say about her learning journey.

Another learner who easily transitioned from the Business Management industry to the Data Science industry is Halappa V Gurupanavar, a Senior Data Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services. Previously worked as a Business Management professional he did not have prior knowledge of Data Science and programming languages. However, after completing our Data Science Program,  he agrees to have acquired in-depth knowledge about the tools and concepts of  Data Science from the ground up. He even exclaimed that the teaching methodology is fabulous and extremely beneficial even for a novice! Although there are numerous programs available for Data Science he believes that the Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science by Jigsaw Academy and Manipal Academy of Higher Education is the best in the market. Talking about one of the key features of this program is the 100% placement offer* Halappa said,

“The placements are awesome as companies are offering around 5.5L to 11L to freshers! This is an easy process as Jigsaw and Manipal are tied up with various companies for placements.”

Halappa V Gurupanavar, Senior Data Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services

Go Ahead and know here in detail what Halappa has to say about his upskilling journey.

Our program has been successful in aiding our learners to achieve a smooth transition into Data Science roles with zero prior knowledge of the domain. Upskilling has become a dire need for professionals to stay relevant and up-to-date with the dynamically evolving market. This Data Science program by Jigsaw Academy provides the perfect opportunity to upskill for not only IT professionals but also for non-IT professionals. 

The Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science by Jigsaw Academy and Manipal Academy of Higher Education gives you the chance to capitalize on this highly in-demand domain. This comprehensive course delivered by industry experts is your way into the future global market. Know everything about the course that is ranked #2 amongst the ‘Top 10 full-time Data Science courses in India” and enroll today.

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