How Important Is It To Learn Strategic Sales Management In Today’s Times?

The sales team is the biggest revenue driver for every organization across the globe. They are responsible for customer interaction, customer retention, and, most importantly, new customer acquisition. Since they are directly responsible for the organization’s growth, a lot of money, time, and effort are invested by organizations in nurturing their skills.  

However, in recent times, the landscape of sales has seen a drastic change in its methodology when it comes to approaching its customers. With businesses undergoing rapid digitization, which was only accelerated by the pandemic, sales personnel were forced to explore different avenues and methods to reach out to their customers rather than just the traditional methods. 

This is when the whole realm of Strategic Sales Management found a new meaning in its applications. Here the whole process of acquiring a new customer involves a whole research process, then a nurture sequence followed by finally winning the confidence of the customer and closing the sale. As easy as it may sound, this involves a lot of strategizing and following up for successful customer acquisitions. 

To help sales professionals become proficient in strategizing their sales approach, UNext Jigsaw in collaboration with IIM Indore, has launched the 4-month Strategic Sales Management program. With its robust curriculum, the program aims at helping interested sales professionals become g proficient in digital sales methodologies.  

Having completed the same, one of our excited learners from the program Aarati Khadsare, says, “I just completed this course. It was extremely good, and the entire curriculum was presented in a very easy-to-digest format. The Case studies referred to by professors were highly interesting. The overall program experience was excellent and very educative.” We are absolutely thrilled and glad to have been a part of your learning journey Aarati. 

Speaking on similar lines, another learner, Mohammad Sakil, speaks even more passionately about his learning experience. Elaborating on the same, he says, “Joining the Strategic Sales Management course of IIM Indore in collaboration with the UNext aw team was a worthy investment. The classes’ content regarding channel management and leadership lessons followed by performance assessment, greatly enhanced and increased our overall productivity. These lessons gave us magnificent input regarding the sales domain. The classes can be defined as having an outstanding sync to improve conceptual input in direction towards enhancement of productivity. As an enthusiastic learner, I am certainly looking forward to many more opportunities to enhance my skill set.” 

If not for successful content learners, what else would be the aim of our program? 

Apart from them, another sales master, who completed her learning journey with us, Priyanka Samantaray, says, “I enrolled in the Executive program of Strategic Sales Management by UNext Jigsaw in association with IIM Indore. The duration of the course was 4 months, and it was a well-conceived and precisely executed course for working professionals. The Professors were industry experts and provided great insights and knowledge into the curriculum. Lastly, the instant support provided by the support team has been excellent. Thank you, team UNext Jigsaw! 

As prime-time education providers, we could not be any happier. We are most definitely thrilled and happy to have been an integral part of your learning journey! 

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