Are You Contemplating In Investing In Business Analytics Training? Hear From People Who Recently Upskilled With IIM Indore’s Future Leader Program.

In today’s data-first world, where the ever-expanding borders of industries and the ongoing necessity to outperform and outgrow competitors, businesses are constantly looking for professionals who can analyze the market, assist them in developing strategies, and align growth trends. This is where you come in, with your aptitude for statistics, acute business acumen, and enthusiasm for data. It has never been a better time to transition to the fascinating realm of Business Analytics. More than 16,000+ Business Analytics open jobs are available only on job portals like LinkedIn. 

But before taking the leap, you first need to gain those Business Analytics skills. You can acquire the most sought-after skills by pursuing a certification course. But how to decide which is the right program to choose from the sea of myriad programs available in today’s market. Making a decision is never simple. It is always reliable to hear from those who’ve been down the same path before you.

Let’s hear from a few of our IIM Indore-certified Integrated Program in Business Analytics alumni on their experiences upgrading their skills and having successful career transformations.


Business Analytics
Amrit Dash, Intern at BHEL

Amrit Dash, an Intern at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), shares his learning experience with us. He says, “I want to say that my continued experience with Jigsaw Academy was and is nothing short of well-rounded and complete. The course material is organized into easy and quickly graspable modules. The underlying approach is very intuitive and requires minimum bookwork and optimum knowledge. Also, the material is shaped into videos, so you get the concepts better and do not have to spend time doing the background work.”

“You won’t have to do heavy lifting like in the University, but you will get everything you require in the shortest learning span. The ideas are conveyed in a manner that allows you to do the practicum with complete confidence regardless of your background.”

“The Academic Coordinators from the IIM Indore side, Prof. Pritam Ranjan, and from the Jigsaw side, Prof. Jitendra Manwani, deserve a noteworthy mention. Interacting with them in the class and in an open office, either directly or indirectly through other faculty,  was revealing in terms of academic as well as corporate trajectories and strategizing for a Business Analytics career. The gains are intangible if you consider the overall wisdom and expertise they (all faculty) bring to the table,” adds Amrit, speaking about his experience with the program faculty.

The learning curve and experience were the same for Amrit and for every learner. Vijay Hande, a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at Danske IT and Support Services India Pvt Ltd, who has over 8+ years of experience working in the IT industry, enrolled in Jigsaw’s IIM Indore-certified Integrated Program in Business Analytics’s batch 7. He graduated from the program, securing the 3rd rank and sharing his experience says, “I am happy to share that I graduated and secured 3rd rank from Batch 7 of the Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA) course offered by Jigsaw Academy, in partnership with IIM Indore. It turned out to be a great learning experience, with classes being conducted online every weekend, by certain amazing lecturers from both IIM Indore and Jigsaw as well.”

Business Analytics
Vijay Hande, a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at Danske IT and Support Services India Pvt Ltd

“Will gladly recommend this program to those who are looking to bring themselves up to speed with the skills required in the Data Science and Analytics domain.”

Further, he says, “What I loved the best about class lectures is that, even though there were students from various backgrounds (some with good hands-on technical knowledge, some with no technical background, some with great experience, and some with none, etc.), the lecturers patiently addressed the doubts, and almost brought us all on the same level, irrespective of our technical backgrounds.”

As stated by our alumni, Jigsaw’s faculty community of industry experts and renowned scholars offer their expertise and knowledge, appealing to the curious minds of the learners. After completing this 10-month program, learners receive alumni status from the Indian Institute of Management and convenient access to its alumni network. Not only this, but after completing the program, learners transitioned into IIM-certified Business Analytics professionals, allowing them smooth career transformation.

Ullas Ratna Aggrawal, who is currently working as a Business Analyst at OYO, is an inspiring alumnus who successfully achieved his career transformation milestone while pursuing the program.

Business Analytics
Ullas Ratna Aggrawal, Business Analyst at OYO


“I usually check reviews before making a decision. And hence I feel obliged to help others as well. I recently completed an Integrated Program in Business Analytics at Jigsaw in collaboration with IIM Indore. It was a great learning experience, with weekend classes providing hands-on experience on every topic while also introducing me to some industry specialists. Great Experience Overall. The knowledge that I got from this program enabled me to switch my line from mechanical to IT and changed my life. It was due to the hard work of Jigsaw and IIM, especially Kunaal and Pritam, who made the tough topics look so easy and understandable to me. From this course, I learned the skill that the companies are looking for, and I got placed in OYO while doing this program,” says Ullas, sharing his learning experience with us.


If you share Amrit, Vijay & Ullas’s aspirations of becoming successful Future Leaders in the field of Business Analytics, Jigsaw’s IIM Indore-certified Integrated Program in Business Analytics is the ideal path to achieving your desired career transformation goals!

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