Analytics to help your love life

“Will my date have sex on the first date?”

“Do my date and I have long-run compatibility?”

“Do we see eye to eye on things like politics and religion?”

Now analytics is helping you answer questions like these and many more. OkCupid, an online dating service with 3.5MM active members has compiled statistics and observations from hundreds of millions of user interactions to draw data-based insights into the dating world. And they have come up with some really interesting stuff.

How do you find out if your date is open to having sex on the first date. Apparently, whether someone likes the taste of beer is the single best predictor of if he or she has sex on the first date. Regardless of their gender, beer-lovers are 60% more likely to be okay with sleeping with someone they’ve just met.

And if you want to go beyond the first night and evaluate the long term potential of your relationship, ask your date “Do you like horror movies?”. And if both of you agree on the answer of this one, your relationship is likely to go far.

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And some insights on how Indians are different from the rest of the world when it comes to dating. Indians have the most sophisticated profiles on the dating sites. In keeping with our practical nature we are also most likely to mention terms like “MBA”, “Engineer”, “Entrepreneur” and “Investment”. And of course, “Veg”, “Bollywood” and “Shahrukh Khan”.

Is there any limit to innovative applications of analytics?

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