Wonder What The Right Foundation Can Do To Your Data Science Career?

In today’s digitally evolving world, professionals have realized the importance of upskilling to stay relevant and also to obtain better job opportunities. Data Science being an emerging technology does not see courses dedicated to it in the formal education system. Yet the fact remains that it is one of the most lucrative and sought-after domains. Jigsaw Academy’s Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science is a carefully curated 11-month blended program that aids working professionals to easily transit into the Data Science vertical to explore the umpteen career opportunities it has to offer.

At Jigsaw Academy we have seen several people altering the course of their career with our Postgraduate Program in Data Science. One such learner is Akalya Subramanian, an AI intern at Federal Artificial Intelligence Services. Talking about her journey she says

“This Data Science course by MAHE & Jigsaw Academy is the best option for someone who wants to pursue a career in data analytics. It’s a good course with highly experienced teaching faculty.”

Akalya Subramanian, AI intern (Federal Artificial Intelligence Services)

Elaborating in detail about the teaching faculty, Akalya explained how they were highly well qualified and extremely helpful. Even the non-teaching staff was of great support during and after the program aiding with any concern she had come across. She had a small piece of advice for anyone seeking to pursue Data Science. She says that it would be advisable to prepare a bit by having a basic understanding of data analytics for people who are looking forward to joining this course. To read about what Akalya had to say about our course in detail, click here.

Data Science and its applications are set out to bring unprecedented progress to the corporate world. Due to this data-driven evolution, businesses have been on the constant lookout for highly skilled professionals. Therefore, with proper training and the right guidance, this presents a golden opportunity for professionals who are on the lookout for a job switch. One such professional who opted for Jigsaw Academy’s Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science for more refined career opportunities is Vani Anbu.

“From my experience, as an IT professional who was actively looking for a job switch to the Data Science field, I would recommend taking up this program offered by MAHE & Jigsaw Academy.”

Vani Anbu, Data Science Enthusiast

Describing her journey with Jigsaw, Vani is of the opinion that this full-time course covers all the basic and advanced tools and technologies required to build a career in various roles like Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, etc. with boosted confidence, she was able to acquire new skill sets that gave her more certainty and clarity about this budding field.

Adding on to her experience she believes that the faculty made a huge impact as the team included people with vast industrial experience and Subject Matter Experts. Guest lectures by working professionals in the field of Data Science gave her more insights into industrial requirements and how to prepare for them accordingly. To read about what Vani had to say about our course in detail, click here.

Slowly but surely, Data is going on to become an indispensable part of all businesses. This need for data-driven technological solutions has become an important reason for professionals to opt for upskilling and changing domains to guard their position in this evolving market trend.

Our Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science by Manipal Academy of Higher Education and Jigsaw Academy is your gateway to becoming a proficient Data Scientist. This program led by experts and industry SMEs not only gives you technical skills and knowledge but also gives you the practical experience required to establish your trade in this field. It has also been ranked #2 among ‘Top 10 Full-Time Data Science Courses in India’. So what are you waiting for? Take a step forward in your corporate career by upskilling with our Data Science program. Click here to learn everything you need to know about this program.

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