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North by Northwest
Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada


Debbie Duvall
Email: playinpossum@rcip.com
City/State: Rocklin, CA
Debbie has been involved in rescue since 1992. In addition to afghan hounds, she is a licensed Wildlife rescue person and has taken care of hundreds of critters, from vultures to coyotes. Her phone # is 916-521-5199 (Cell); 916-632-1862 (Home). She lives in Rocklin, CA near Sacramento.

Deborah & Robert Todd
Email: deborahlee@jps.net
City/State: Grass Valley, CA
The Todds are located in Grass Valley, California and became involved with rescue during the Auburn 45. They can foster and transport. Robert also volunteers to test temperament as he doesn't mind getting bitten. Truly! He'll check their ears and generally pester them to see what will happen.

Email: nmah@comcast.net
City/State: Danville, CA
Nancy enjoys working with the NCAHR group. She just recently adopted her 3rd rescue Afghan Hound (her 4th affie).


Email: giselab@tds.net
City/State: , ID
Gisela Bailey lives in Idaho. She has years of experience with afghan hounds and is a wonderful resource for training, food, supplements and grooming advice. She has obtained many titles in obedience for her rescued hounds.

Mary and Damon
Email: idamar182@aol.com
City/State: , ID
Mary and Damon Ingram live in Idaho. You may contact them for help in finding or placing an afghan hound. They have owned afghans for many years and will be happy to advise you with your new hound.
Telephone number is 208-371-2248.

Email: dmogel56@msn.com
City/State: , ID
Sherre Mogel lives in Southern Idaho. She has many years of experience in afghan hounds and sighthounds. She is knowledgeable about the specific needs and personalities of our sometimes quirky breed.
Telephone: 208-453-2038 (Home)
208-571-3558 (Cell)


Email: artcricket@gmail.net
City/State: Reno, NV
Michelle Attaway is a long-time afghan hound rescue and kitty rescue volunteer in Reno, Nevada. She is the author of a doggie treat recipe book, Rosie's Recipes.
Contact her at artcricket@gmail.net

Sharon and Bart
Email: adoptgreyhounds@sbcglobal.net
City/State: , NV
Sharon Haugen and Bart Rowe have been involved for many years in both greyhound and afghan hound rescue, and there are usually one or two of each residing in her home. They have assisted more times than I can remember with home visits and transportation. Their dogs are free to claim the sofa or beds, and receive the best of care and food--and daily walks as well!
Telephone: 775-691-1505 (Cell)


Angela and Mike
City/State: Florence, OR
Angela and Mike Barrett operate Afghan Hound Rescue of Oregon. Their first rescue, Madison, inspired their dedication to rescued afghan hounds. Though Angela has shown and has several AKC champions, her heart lies with those cast away or forgotten. She has three rescue girls currently, as well as her two male champions.
Contact information:
Home: 541-997-3935
Work: 541-902-7231 (M-F, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
Cell: 541-991-6948

Linda Jo Bugbee
Email: belovedtazi@gmail.com
City/State: Lowell, OR
Linda is a long-time afghan hound aficianado and rescue volunteer. She is often called upon to do home visits or transport in and around Lowell, Oregon (about 25 miles from Eugene).


Email: clare@passagestudio.com
City/State: Seattle, WA
Clare Gallaagher of Seattle, Washington covers the Washington area, and has traveled far and wide to help with afghan rescue efforts. She currently has two of her own.
Her telephone number is 206-527-6652.