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Xavier and Raglan
Xavier and Raglan were two and a half years old when Rescue was able to at last access that barn in Auburn and get all those dogs out. So many afghan hounds. All walks of life and many near death. I don't even want to know what those wonderful rescuers laid their eyes on when they first went in. I know I couldn't handle it. Xavier and Raglan, like the rest, were relieved of years worth of matted hair, bathed, nails trimmed and got a check up at the vet. They were then offered for adoption. This was the beginning of the perfect storm.

I had always wanted an afghan hound and just decided one day to search the web for rescues in our area. I found Astrid Pryor and contacted her to see if there were any we could foster. Well, there just happened to be two brothers but they had to be fostered together as they were very attached to each other. Astrid and I were in close contact for a few weeks. An afghan volunteer came to inspect our home to see if it was affie-worthy. Then my sister and I headed down to Grass Valley to pick the boys up. I vividly remember the moment they slid the van door open and Xavier and Raglan bounded out. I thought my heart would stop. These were the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen. Deborah and Robert also had their beautiful affies along for the ride and this fab four of afghan hounds were stopping traffic in the parking lot of that hotel. What a sight! So my sis and I headed out the next morning with the brothers. Eleven hours home and two or three potty breaks and not one complaint from them. We arrived home and Xavier and Raglan walked into their kingdom and into our hearts. After a short while we realized that we never wanted these boys to leave. We adopted them.

These boys are now known as the Bling Boys and their photos have graced the covers of publications, calendars and books and our local newspaper twice. They are the happiest, sweetest dogs I've ever known. They are super affectionate and love to take turns warming my feet on the couch. They are very loved and they know it. They are true ambassadors of the breed and rescue. Everywhere they go people want to see them, pet them and hear the story of their rescue, which I tell over and over. Overall I'd have to say that this perfect storm turned out .... well.... perfect!

Their proud mom, Lori.