They Hit The Jackpot: They Indeed Found The Best Program To Master Data Science

Before we go on to explain why they made the best decisions and how they have found their ‘Happily Ever After’ in the career with our program, here are some fun facts about the booming Data Science domain –

  • According to Globe Newswire, The global predictive analytics market is expected to become 21.5 billion USD by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 24.5%.
  • Techjury says 80-90% of the data businesses generate today is unstructured, making it more challenging to analyze.
  • According to a report by Henry Havin, a fresher in an entry-level data science role earns an average salary of INR 5,11,418 annually, and a highly experienced professional with more than a decade of experience and having played key managerial roles in the organization has the potential to make up to INR 24L annually.


However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Ranked as the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’, Data Science is constantly evolving to become an irreplaceable part of every industry in the market today. It is crucial to master the latest trends and technologies of this booming domain to grasp the innumerable opportunities it has to offer. Having said that, doing that has now been made easier than ever before. We are talking about the Guaranteed Placement* PG Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education in collaboration with Jigsaw, which provides you the perfect stepping stone to kickstart your Data Science journey. 


Let’s hear more about this incredible program from the learners themselves!


With zero prior coding knowledge but a complete focus on wanting to excel in the domain of Data Science and Machine Learning, Abhishek Prasad Nonia enrolled in our exhaustive program. Delighted with the learning experience and thrilled to have acquired the knowledge, he says, “ I have zero coding experience. I have never done coding before. But because of the experienced faculty of the jigsaw, I get to learn new things every day. Jigsaw’s experienced faculty helps the student a lot in learning to code.” 


Our incredibly talented faculty is, without a doubt, the heart of our program. Reiterating the same, another of our learners, Omprakash Pullarwar, says, “Both the teaching faculties and the student support are excellent. Teachers are highly experienced. They have an excellent command on the domain. The best part is that the exercises given on each topic helped me get a perfect grip on the concepts we are learning.”


The exercises, capstone projects, and other learning-related activities are carefully planned to ensure our learners get a complete hands-on learning experience for every concept covered in the syllabus. This is to make sure they are prepared to handle real-life problems once their professional journey in the highly complex discipline begins. 


Talking about the same, another of our learners, Arunima Banerjee, elaborates about the curriculum and the teaching method and says, “ Excellent pedagogy, systematic course design, and great support from the team for problem-solving and doubt clearing. The program is beneficial for anyone who wants to upskill or make a fresh entry to the ever-widening landscape of data science.”


Spread over 6 months, conducted via online sessions, this program has the most advanced and exhaustive curriculum designed and delivered by industry veterans. The program is crafted to be student-friendly and has the most meticulous bottom-up approach to help learners get a complete industry-standard learning experience of the Data Science domain. 


The Guaranteed Placement* feature is an added bonus to this exhaustive program designed exclusively to help you master the nuances of the Data Science domain. Interested to know the complete details of this Manipal Academy of Higher Education certified program? Click here to learn it all!

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