When Is The Best Time To Build A Career In Data Science You Ask? – We Say NOW!

The pandemic has accelerated the digital evolution by at least a decade. We can see the steady rise in the number of people as well as organizations accepting and adopting emerging technologies to tackle any and every problem. Data Science is one of those few domains whose prominence has not only increased during the pandemic, but also its religious application has helped several organizations to survive the pandemic. The growth in the Data Science domain has increased job opportunities in the same exponentially. As enterprises are on the lookout for professionals with Data and Analytical skills, there is no doubt in the fact that the Data Science sector is booming.

According to a report by Analytical Insights, there will be over 1,37,630 new jobs in Data Science in India by the year 2025. Companies have slowly begun to realize that with Data Science, business decisions would be optimal. This radical transformation in the Data industry has driven many professionals to join and upskill the Data Science domain. In recent times, along with professionals, freshers have also shown a massive interest in channelizing their skills to become professional Data Scientists. One such fresher is Suraj Mohan, who opted for Jigsaw Academy’s Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science. While discussing his experience with this course by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, he said that this course is a good option for beginners in this field.

This course covers most aspects of Data Science like Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and more. The syllabus is also updated to keep up with the recent market trends. This program in Data Science is a good option for beginners in this field.”

Suraj Mohan, Data Science Enthusiast

While talking about the course and the curriculum, Suraj said that all major aspects of Data Science such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, model building, Data Analytics, and visualization (Python, SQL, and Tableau) were covered in great detail. He also mentioned that working with Big data technologies really helped him in building a strong foundation in the field of Data Science. Data Science opens up many job opportunities along with different job roles in the market. By doing a course in Data Science, you can take up various job roles like Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Scientist, and so on. Our learner Suraj, agreeing with this statement said that as the topics covered are comprehensive, it gives multiple options on which areas you want to specialize in. 

As we have seen, the demand for Data Science professionals increasing with every passing day, there is no doubt that experts and freshers alike are willing to get trained and explore its various opportunities. One such professional is Soubhagya Bal, A Network Engineer at Air India. While talking about the reason for his decision to opt for this course he explains that he had enrolled in this course in the year 2020 after leaving his previous job. This big transition from the networking domain to the Data Science world was an experience to remember. While talking about his journey with this course he remarked that although the course was online due to the pandemic, the subject material and faculty were excellent. With the recorded classes he also got to learn a lot more about Data Science.

“Even during the pandemic, the placement team worked really hard to bring companies in. It was a big transition for me from the networking domain to this Data Science world but I finally got selected as a Business Consultant Intern at Eversana.”

Soubhagya Bal, Network Engineer at Air India

We are thrilled and proud of our learners like Soubhagya and Suraj who took the leap to become professional Data Scientists. Manipal Academy of Higher Education and Jigsaw Academy’s Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science is a comprehensive course led by Manipal faculty and SMEs. This full-time course gives you in-depth knowledge about Data Science and the latest analytical tools. What’s the best part of this course? There is a 100% guaranteed placement for students who complete the course. Click here to learn everything this course has to offer.

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