Channel Your Inner Business Analyst With The Right Upskilling Program

A domain with applications across multiple industries from Agriculture to Transport, Business Analytics is all about making data-driven decisions for maximum business revenue. Even though this field has established a strong presence over the years, there’s an array of opportunities and growth still waiting to be transformed into reality. 

According to IMARC Group’s latest report, the global BPO business analytics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 25% during 2021-2026. This insight is great news for aspirants looking to build a professional future in Business Analytics. But as is the case with any career domain, industry-relevant skills and extensive training are of utmost importance to get selected as a Business Analyst.

Several learners have managed to rise above their competition and achieved greater milestones in their professional journey. So, what set them apart from the rest of the crowd and gave them an edge over everyone else? The answer would be – Integrated Program In Business Analytics, a meticulously curated online course that catalyzes its learners’ upskilling process and transforms them into job-ready professionals in just ten months!

Srimurli Krishna, a learner of our Integrated Program In Business Analytics program, says, “Jigsaw Academy is the best place to learn Business Analytics. Their collaboration with IIM Indore makes the learning experience even more better for anyone who enrolls in this program. The program’s flexibility is well-suited for students as well as working professionals.”

“It is commendable how the professors always have our back. The program coordinator and program head, Prof. Pritam Rajan and Prof. Jitendra Manwani, especially take great care of the batch. I must mention how the support team constantly ensures that the learners’ queries get resolved at the earliest,” he adds.

Ankit Nidhi, a Business Analytics enthusiast, shares his experience with the upskilling program. “My upskilling journey with the Integrated Program In Business Analytics was no less than a roller coaster ride. Being a banker by profession, I found this course to be the perfect source of Data Science & Business Analytics training to help me aim for a career in Data Science. The tools taught in this program are very relevant to the industry demands and facilitate better data analysis. The program structure is also carefully designed and packed with several case studies to provide a clearer and more practical understanding of the domain.”

“The faculty is very cooperative and guides us at every step of our learning process. Lastly, I’d like to thank my counselor, Sampoorna, for maintaining transparency throughout the program, enabling me to make clear decisions,” he concludes.

“The Integrated Program In Business Analytics provides a broad understanding of all divisions of the domain and covers crucial topics like Statistics, Time Series, SQL, Python, Machine Learning, Tableau, and more. Its program composition makes Business Analytics easier for Coders as well as Non-Coders,” says Sahjad Farouqui, another trainee who completed the program.

“After completion of every topic, an MCQ-based or Case Study-based test takes place. At the end of the program, a Capstone Project gets assigned to us that summarizes everything taught during the course duration. We either can work on our own project or receive one from Jigsaw Academy. Most importantly, learners receive an IIM Indore Alumni status after completing the program, boosting our chances to get placed at our dream company,” he continues. Sahjad recommends this program to anyone looking for a career transition into the domain of Business Analytics.

Securing the first position among ‘Top Part-time PG Programs In India – 2020’ by AIM, the Integrated Program In Business Analytics is devised by expert faculty & SMEs from IIM Indore & Jigsaw Academy. Its ‘Bring Your Own Project’ (BYOP) feature enables comprehensive hands-on ‘do & learn experience’ for its students. BYOP helps them identify, shortlist, and finalize a project idea to work on, facilitating them to apply several Analytics and Big Data techniques in their project, including Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. BYOP prepares them to easily tackle real-life business problems and provide effective solutions in their professional careers. At the end of the program, trainees also receive a joint certification by IIM Indore & Jigsaw Academy.

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