From Aspirations To Inspirations – Journeys Of Product Managers Who Upskilled With IIM Indore And Jigsaw

A job profile famous for being among the highest-paying careers, Product Management is a very serious business. It requires the best of the best candidates who are always on their feet, ready to adorn a new hat to fit a new role that the situation demands. It’s almost heroic, the way a product manager functions. Just like you, three highly-energetic product management enthusiasts dreamed a little dream about making it big in this exciting domain. All buckled up, they enrolled in the PG Certificate Program in Product Management and embarked on a thrilling upskilling journey with IIM Indore and Jigsaw. Let’s read what they have to say about the program!

Dhairya Ingle, currently employed as the Content Product Manager at Forbes Advisor, shares her candid thoughts on the 6-month online PG Certificate Program in Product Management and her learning journey.

She says, “The team is extremely helpful. Syed, particularly, has been hands-on involved in solving each and every question posed by us. I have worked in the media industry for a tad more than 7 years, and pursuing Product Management helped me get a better job.”

Talking about one of the prime features of this robust online program, she continues, “The best part is the concept of (BYOP) Bring Your Own Product, wherein you implement all your learnings from the program. The mentors guide you well during the process and help you think differently.”

So, what is the BYOP feature, anyway? This unique feature enables the candidates to apply the learnings from all modules in the curriculum to the target ‘Product’ and thus gain a realistic & holistic exposure to the life of a Product Manager. Learners will be expected to bring a product idea into the class or pick from the projects suggested by the faculty. To know more about the BYOP feature, click here.

Harish Chopra, a Product Management Engineer at Cisco Systems, also expresses his feelings about the program. He says, “I am glad to share that the program was really worth it all. Thanks to the faculty and industry experts, who did their best to teach us the topics and guide us on how to implement them in real life. The support team, especially Irshad and Syed, always tried to take all the questions, concerns, and criticism, listen patiently and come back with a solution.”

Varun Rajshekar, another learner says, “The 5i framework-based program as a whole was very good. The examples, case studies, and curriculum were all excellent. I found that each of the sessions gave great information and was very interactive. This 6-month structured course was better than what I could have ever imagined, and it really helped me upskill. The Bring Your Own Product (BYOP) feature helped me gain a realistic & holistic exposure to the life of a product manager. Overall, I am so happy I chose this course, and Jigsaw’s staff is wonderful too. Syed Shaheed and Irshad did a great job by supporting me with all the queries and sending across the study materials.”

As mentioned by Varun, one of the many things that make the program so unique, effective, and engaging is the 5i framework-based curriculum. Learners get to understand the complete life cycle of a product & master the various phases of product management. At the end of the program, candidates are confident enough to foresee & identify the roadblocks that may occur between the Ideation phase to product launch & beyond. Are you impressed by the program offerings? Well, we’ve barely scratched the surface. To get a thorough understanding of everything that the program has to offer, click here.


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