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Northern California Afghan Hound Rescue
Adoption Application

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3) Do you live with your parents?   Yes NO
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4) If you rent, we will need landlord approval
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5) Have you adopted a pet before? Yes NO
    If yes, from where?
6) Why do you want to adopt?
5) Have you had other pets in the last 5 years? ? Yes NO
    If yes, what happened to them (died, still have, lost, etc)?
8) Have you ever given a pet away? Yes NO
    If yes, why?
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9) Do you have children living at home? Yes NO
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10) Do this pet live indoors, outdoors, or combination of both?     Indoors Outdoors Both
11) Where will this pet sleep?
12) Do you have a completely secure fenced yard? Yes NO
     Describe your fence and area for your pet:     
13) Who will care for your pet while you're away?
14) On a regular basis, how long will the pet be left alone?
15) How will you exercise your pet?
16) Can you afford the following (check all that apply)?     Pet Food Veterinary Care Professional Grooming
17) Do you have a regular veterinarian?   Yes No
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18) Do you currently own any pets?   Yes No
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19) Are all pets in your home current on vaccinations?   Yes No N/A
20) Is everyone in your home willing to make a LIFETIME committment to this animal?   Yes No
21) We understand that unforseen circumstances in life can happen. Should an unforseen life crisis happen, would you be willing to contact us so we can take back the pet and place it foster care?   Yes No
22) Most of the time it will take several weeks or longer for your new pet and you to adjust to each other. Are you willing to allow this time?   Yes No
23) You may encounter behavior issues like digging, chewing, jumping, etc. How will you deal with this?     
24) May we visit your home?   Yes No
25) Is there any additional information you would like to add to this application?     
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